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Geotools.Net is a set of .net class useful when handling geographic information. The project started as port from Java to C# of JTS 1.2. It implements the following OpenGIS specifications:

Other features include:

Please reports bugs via the SourceForge project page. You can download the source code here. Documentation for the classes can be found here as html or here as a compiled html file.


This demo allows to define two geometries using WKT and performs the intersection, union and difference operations.

This demo demonstrates converting an ESRI shapefile to WKB and then producing SVG to produce an interactive map. By default the Mercator projection is used. Here the Albers projection is used. This is an adaptation of the Vienna demo by Andreas Neumann at


Developers: Ronda Bergman, Andrew Coats, Linda Koeppe, Justin DeCoursy.
Testers: Keith McLeod.
Project Manager: Dave Sandberg.



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